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Mountain Travel:
5 Stunning Places for Your Next Holiday

If you love travelling, prefer mountain landscapes, and seek mentally stimulating experiences, this article has been written specially for you. We’ve selected 5 best mountains to visit, where fantastic views and exotic places will grip you so much that you won’t even feel the strenuous physical exercise on serpentine hiking routes.

Table Mountain

One of South Africa’s most photographed attractions, Table Mountain reaches 1 km above the sea level, standing imposingly over the center of Cape Town. Actually, it’s not a mountain at all, just a sliced side of the mountain range, which has a perfect shape of a table when you look at it from the side of the city center or, even better, from the West Coast suburbs.

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Although the cableway remains the main tourist attraction, Table Mountain is a great place to hike too. It’s home to many animal species, including wild cats, lizards, porcupines, eagles, baboons and antelopes, and thousands of floral species 70% of which are endemic.

The Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens deserve a particular notice. But its most bizarre feature is an orographic cloud that almost continuously swirls upwards and pours down over the side of the mountain towards the city.

The Tiger’s Nest

Surrounded by the holy caves of the Himalayas, Tiger’s Nest Monastery is definitely the place to visit if you choose Bhutan as your mountain travel destination. It’s located in an extremely isolated area more than 3,000 m above the sea level, only accessible on foot.

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The monastery sits on a small perch right by the cliff 900 m above the ground and offers the most breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain ranges covered with luscious rain forests. Besides being one of the most sacred places in the Himalayas, Tiger’s Nest is a starting place for a number of mountain trips through absolutely stunning and enigmatic landscapes the memories of which will haunt you in your dreams forever.


Manali is a small town in North India, located 2,000 m above the sea level. The place is a part of the famous Rohtang Pass that curves into the Himalayan mountains almost 4 km above the ground, and it offers hikers a cozy stopping point on their routes.

Spectacular mountain peaks and beautiful terrains around the town make it a perfect location to rest or to engage yourself in a number of sports Manali offers, the most popular of which are skiing and rafting. The Hidimba Devi Temple with it healing hot springs deep in the forest is an artistically tasteful and spiritually enriching alternative to sports.

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The Jotunheimen Mountains

Jotunheimen National Park in the highest mountains of Norway 2.5 km above the sea level is an ideal destination if you’re into climbing and skiing. Local cuisine is another memorable feature, and several cozy towns in the valleys will offer you a good choice of shops, open-air caf├ęs and restaurants to take your mind off wild nature for a while.

Even though the Park is quite large, most parts of it are inaccessible by car, so prepare for a good physical exercise whatever you choose to do there.


Located at the foot of the highest peaks of the Swiss Alps, Zermatt is one of the most commercially successful resorts in the world, famous primarily for its mountaineering and skiing activities. It strives to sustain its high ecological level of living, which is why car are strictly forbidden inside the town area. Public transport runs almost entirely on batteries, helping the place remain virtually noise-free all the time.

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Outside the residential area, the Gornergrat Railway, the most elevated open-air railway in the EU, will take you through Zermatt’s stunning countryside all the way to the top of the Pennine Alps 3,000 m above the sea.

Mount Everest Base Camps

Naturally, Mount Everest will forever remain the most cherished image in the minds of all mountain tourism lovers around the world. The most widespread misconception, however, is that the mountain is virtually inaccessible to anyone but the wildest and the craziest climbers.

But the truth is, there’s a number of base camps that will set you up for the ascent and the descent properly, and they’ll even offer you guides for the entire route. The South Base Camp in Nepal and the North Base Camp in China are the most recommended options for a perfectly professional and reliable assistance in your Everest experience.

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