Top 5 highest mountains in the world

Humanity has always strived to soar to new heights in one sense or another. People looked for the highest peaks and the longest mountain ranges to enter into an honorable battle with nature. Climbers say that having seen the world from a dizzying height once, a person can no longer live without tending to climb up again. Here are the 5 highest elevations that mountain lovers from all over the world dream to conquer.


Mount Everest

Height: 8,848 m; (29,035 ft)

Location: Nepal/China (Himalayas)

Sagarmatha, or “Divine Mother Earth,” is how the Tibetans call the highest mountain in the world. The main goal of any climber, this peak pulls thrill-seekers like a magnet. On May 29, 1953, New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay made the first-ever successful ascent to the top. Back then, hardly anyone could imagine that Everest would become a mecca for commercial mountain tourism soon. Since the climber David Breachers guided 55-year-old businessman Dick Bass to the peak in 1985, the flow of people willing to climb to the top of the world continues to increase. Today, such an expedition costs a bundle: from $ 50,000 to $ 70,000, 2 months in an unstable mountain environment, and minus 10-15 kg of weight for any bold spirit person. But difficulties are just details when it comes to the great desire of humanity to conquer the tallest mountain in the world.

2. K2


Height: 8,607 m; (28,238 ft)

Location: Pakistan/China (Karacoram)

K2 is the second-highest mountain in the world. However, it is technically more challenging than Mount Everest. Its peak has the second death rate globally, right after Mount Annapurna in Nepal, and is equal to 24%. In winter, K2 is especially impregnable. Snowstorms here are capable of sweeping any camp, so they inhibit climbers even more than mountain sickness. This eight-thousander is the only one that many generations of climbers could not conquer in winter. Finally, on January 16, 2021, 10 Nepalese climbers achieved such a record for the first time in history.



Height: 8,598 m; (28,208 ft)

Location: Nepal/India (Himalayas)

Climbing this mountain is no less complicated than its name pronunciation. As time passes, there is a tendency for mortality to decline at every top of the world, except Kanchenjunga. In recent years, this rate has reached 23% and is only growing. There is a legend in Nepal that Kanchenjunga is a mountain-woman who kills all women trying to climb its peak. Also, this mountain is famous worldwide thanks to the artist Nicholas Roerich, who painted it countless times.



Height: 8,511 m; (27,923 ft)

Location: Nepal/China (Himalayas)

Lhotse has the shape of a triangular pyramid, and all three peaks are higher than 8,000 m. This mountain has the smallest number of climbing routes in comparison with the other eight-thousanders. However, the youngest climber to conquer Lhotse was only 18 years old, and the oldest was 79.



Height : 8,481 m; (27,842 ft)

Location: Nepal/China (Himalayas)

The hillsides of the fifth highest mountain in the world are so steep that snow hardly lingers on them. Makalu looks black from a distance, so in Chinese, they call it a “black giant.” The mountain is located only 22 kilometers from Mount Everest, so it played second fiddle to the famous neighbor for a long time. The first attempts to conquer it began only in the 1950s. And most recently, an American teenage athlete set a unique record. In 2014, 16-year-old Matt Monitz became the world’s youngest climber to conquer Makalu.

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